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‘Inside Out’ – Perspectives from 3 Christian Psychotherapists

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I and two of my colleagues just wrote a series of articles offering different perspectives on the hit movie from Pixar ‘Inside Out.’  If you haven’t seen the movie, it is definitely worth seeing on many different levels.

Here is a link to download our ebook for Apple IPad or for Kindle

Core Memories by Stephanie Joy Gulch, M.A.
The Important Work and Ministry of Sadness in Our Lives by Sam Leong, Ph.D.
Helping Your Teen Appreciate and Express Anger by Alex Wang, Ph.D.


Happy Mother’s Day

Smiling daughter with her motherIn honor of mother’s day, here are some articles that continue to highlight the important influence of mother’s on our psyche in different ways.  Both positive and negative, the impact may be subtle initially but long lasting.  May we give thanks for all the ways our mothers have done the best they knew to impart to us what they hoped would be for our benefit.

A mom’s impact on body image and social relationships.  Here is an article suggesting that the  “tiger mom parenting method doesn’t work.”